Saturday, May 24, 2008

Howard Produces, but Not Quite Enough

Ryan Howard had an RBI double in the first and hit a two-run home run in the third. However, thanks in large part to Houston defensive replacement Darin Erstad, those were the only three runs the Phillies would score as the Houston Atsros had another 4-3 victory over the Phillies.

In the ninth inning, Shane Victorino hit a fly ball to Erstad. Pedro Feliz tagged up at third base and went to score, but Erstad nailed his throw to home plate to get the last out of the game. Phillies starter Brett Myers, who has gone 0-5 in his last seven starts, allowed four runs in six innings. Myers let by two runs in the first, a run in the fifth, and a run in the sixth. Chad Durbin pitched two scoreless innings in relief, but it turned out not to matter.

There's not a whole lot one can do about Myers except hope that he figures out how to pitch. It's not as if he got completely rocked in this start, he only allowed four runs, but he hasn't won a game in his past seven outings and that's not exactly good for a guy who's supposed to be the number two starter. His control seemed a bit off tonight, and it seems like that is the key to how he needs to pitch. This is a team that should supply more than four runs a game, but the offense was fairly absent tonight as starter Brian Moehler allowed only four hits in six innings.

On the bright side, Ryan Howard is producing offense, hitting his 14th home run tonight. Also, People's Phillies' Blog favorite Michael Bourn had his 22nd steal of the year.

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