Friday, May 2, 2008

Offense Falters Behind Impressive Myers

Another Phillies game was decided in extra innings, as Phildelphia lost this effort 3-2 on a home run that Rudy Seanez surrendered in the tenth. The blame for this loss, however, shouldn't go principally to Seanez. The Phillies' offense was given a fine opportunity by Brett Myers and largely failed to take advantage of it against Giants starter Matt Cain.

Myers surrendered two earned runs, one a solo home run on a mistake he dealt to Randy Winn. On the whole, Myers had clearly found his good fastball (and pickoff move, gunning down Aaron Rowand), and seemed to be far more in control of the situation that earlier this season. It was wonderful to see, and a fantastically important development if he can keep it up.

Behind him, however, the Phillies' bats were quiet. Geoff Jenkins and the seemingly-inexhaustible Chase Utley each delivered a solo homer. The only other hit was also Utley's. Nobody hit after the fifth inning. Philadelphia left three men on base to San Francisco's eleven. You can't bring them in if you can't even get them on.

The Phillies have a tremendously talented offense at their disposal, but when it goes quiet it can be infuriating. Maybe fate has declared that when a pitcher who has been struggling finds his A-game, the batters have to lose theirs, but here's hoping they both manage some consistency in the future. If they had today, the Phillies would have had a win.

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Anonymous said...

It's really good to see Myers pitch so well, getting 10 strikeouts. When Myers has his fastball working for him, he's quite good. Six innings isn't as much as you'd like to see from the (co-)ace, but it's hard to complain after seeing this outing. Hopefully he's figuring stuff out and will soon put it all together and be consistent

With most of the Phillies starters barely able to go past six innings, it will be interesting to see how the bullpen holds up. Chad Durbin has been a key member of the team as the long reliever, and so far he's been fantastic, so hopefully that will keep up. If teams figure them out, the Phillies could be in trouble. They can't overuse J.C. Romero, and their only other long options are Clay Condrey and Ryan Madson, who doesn't seem like much of a long option anymore.