Saturday, June 14, 2008

Ex-Phillie Shuts Down Offense

Kyle Lohse was a big part of the Phillies success in the second half of last year. Tonight, he reminded the Phillies why, as he pitched eight innings and led the Cardinals to a 3-2 victory.

Lohse wasn't exactly dominating; he only had three strikeouts on the night, but he only allowed four hits and walked two over the course of the game. The only runs he allowed were the two runs scored with Pat Burrell's 18th home run of the year. So of those four hits, Burrell had one, Ryan Howard had one, putting him on base for Burrell to hit home, and the other two hits came from none other than starting pitcher Adam Eaton. Chase Utley and Pedro Feliz had a walk each, and everyone else was kept off the bases by Lohse. Ryan Franklin, another former Phillie and now the Cardinals' closer, pitched the ninth for his ninth save.

Adam Eaton, once again, got into an early hole, giving up a two run homer to Adam Kennedy in the first inning. However, he was able to keep his composure and went 6 2/3 innings. Unfortunately, he gave up an RBI single to Ryan Ludwick, and that would be all the Cardinals needed to win the game. J.C. Romero pitched the remaining 1 1/3 innings.

Adam Eaton did his job. Kyle Lohse was simply better.

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