Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Snelling's Salts Comes to CBP: The Aftermath

As promised, we have photos of our trip to last night's Phillies game. There was some mild disappointment. Namely Griffey being held out of the starting lineup, Snelling coming oh-so-close to pinch hitting in the eighth, but not getting a chance, and Phillies Guest Services refusing to bring Snelling one of our cardboard salt shakers. Still, on the whole the trip was a rousing success. Here are some pictures. To our knowledge we did not appear on TV despite our incredibly clever and creative fan group, but if we find out otherwise and can obtain the footage, we'll put up the video.

A shot of the field from our seats behind and to the right of home plate

Our only chance to see Griffey the entire game. Sadly the bat didn't leave his shoulders

The bell tolls for victory, as the Phillies finish off a 3-2 win over the Reds

Unfortunately Chris Snelling did not get into the game. But hey, at least we looked good. Note the salt shakers. We thought they were a nice touch.

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Charles Berman said...

Some observations:

-I thought it was nice that when Griffey came up in his pinch-hit at bat -- even in a close game -- the Philadelphia fans gave him a round of applause. Compared with the way Barry Bonds was received last year, it's a testament both to Griffey's achievements as a baseball player and to how he's conducted himself over the years.

-Even though the game was announced as sold-out, the seats didn't seem even nearly filled until a couple of innings in. When it rained for about forty-five seconds in the eighth or ninth, people really started clearing out. Maybe they had somewhere else to be.

-The fans in the immediate area of Snelling's Salts were surprisingly supportive, even volunteering to hold saltshakers with us and reminding us when crowd shots were about to appear on the big screen.

-The ticket taker had to know what was on our sign before he would let us in. It had to be "clean." I don't know what was to prevent us from bringing markers into the stadium and writing something offensive there, or just lying about what was on the sign.

-Ryan Howard got some boos when struck out in an important situation (much to the surprise of one of our Yankee-fan friends), but he isn't being jeered nearly as much as Burrell was when he wasn't performing.