Sunday, April 19, 2009

Phun Phact: (Low) Quality Starts: Part II

As we reported almost a week ago, the Phillies were on the verge of making some dubious history, as they had not had a quality start through six games. That made them the first defending champions to go that many games without a quality start since the 1984 Orioles, who didn't get one until their eighth game.

Well the Phillies finally got a quality start, courtesy of Joe Blanton, in Thursday night's game. Sadly, it wasn't enough to get them a win, as the bullpen collapsed and the Phillies lost 8-2, but it did keep them from making dubious history and passing the '84 Orioles in post-championship quality start futility. Rather, they tied the O's, doing it in their eighth game.

Again, this stat doesn't tell us much except what we already know: the Phillies rotation has been dreadful so far this year. But it is interesting to note just how historically bad it's been, especially considering they have returned 4/5 of a rotation that was considered a strength last season.

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