Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Non-Phillies Pick of the Week: Week 4

Last week we predicted the outcome of last Friday's Giants-Cardinals game. We all were right, but then again picking Tim Lincecum was kind of a no-brainer. Here are the results through three weeks:

Charles is undefeated thus far, but at least I managed to get a win. This week we're picking Friday night's Rangers-Mariners game. Doesn't seem like a great game on paper,'s Cliff Lee's debut!

Texas Rangers (8-10) at Seattle Mariners (9-10)
Colby Lewis (3-0, 3.80) vs. Cliff Lee


Lewis is off to a good start and Lee's career numbers against Texas are pretty bad, but this is a home game and the Mariners should be energized to have their new ace on the hill.


Texas took a major hit this week when they lost Nelson Cruz to injury.They were already without Ian Kinsler (though Joaquin Arias has filledin admirably), and so without Cruz, the offense is now carried by an aging Vladimir Guerrero. The next highest batting average is catcher Matt Treanor at .265 and, of the teams 15 home runs this season, 7 came from Cruz, and no other player has more than 2. Michael Young and Josh Hamilton have suffered so far. It shouldn't be terribly hard for Cliff Lee, whatever condition he may be in, to keep the offense in check.


Tough to tell with this matchup since there' no telling how Cliff Lee will do coming off his injury, but I'm going with Colby Lewis and the Rangers. He's been great in his starts so far this year, many Major Leaguers will not be used to seeing his pitches after his two years in Japan, and Lee is likely to be rusty after his layoff, and miss some of what he would have got from a full Spring Training.

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